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MacroMind Media produces mental health and wellness content for today’s media consumer. We engage your audience with interactive graphics, stylized and animated video, documentaries and interviews, online applications, social messaging and web commercials.


About Us

Our mission is to improve mental health and wellness –everywhere –through mental health media that educates, destigmatizes and makes a difference.

New Media

We create eye-catching, engaging and shareable content in any media format: picture, video or animation.


Whether from scratch or from client content, we build mental health curriculum that is evidence based.

Fully Responsive

We design, build, implement and manage media on all platforms: social, SaSS, web and broadcast.


We build web apps for clients who need custom digital learning and training programming.


Our Custom Services team will research, design, author, engineer, test and help deploy the exact digital media or digital learning experience you want.

Our Public Education team produces news, media and personal learning interactions for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Design & Produce

Our Designers and Producers build flexible, innovative and relevant media content that engages all learning profiles.


We code to your needs, ensuring along the way that your architecture is future-friendly and scalable to meet your farthest reach.


We adhere to the leading pedagogical principles of mobile learning and all content is evidence-based.


MacroMind Media will send you an access code to the portfolio content that is most relevant to you. We’ll be back in touch within 24 hrs. REQUEST PORFOLIO ACCESS…



We’ll ensure that an investment in us will bring you a return that is highly competitive in the market.


Your staff, colleagues and any associated stakeholders will get the experience they want and deserve.


A project with MacroMind Media is acutely focused on delivering the client’s vision.


Our relationships with clients thrive because we create the opportunity for every first meeting with a potential client or partner to be an in-person "discovery" meeting.


A first meeting with MacroMind will involve at least two of our Executive Team. Our goal is to learn more about your current work and to begin isolating what may be your best path forward in digital learning or new media.


Our first Meet & Discover session will gather and synthesize all pertinent information so that our next "Ideate & Propose" step is fruitful and energizing.


MacroMind Media puts considerable energy into designing a custom proposal (i.e. a “wireframe” or “storyboard”) so that everyone is well-positioned to learn the existing shortcomings, crucial needs and best opportunities moving forward. In fact, we work very hard to generate that "yes, that's it!" moment for our clients during this stage.


After our first Meet & Discover meeting, MacroMind then assigns the personnel who will deliver the creativity, vision and design needed for that project's best possible outcome.


MacroMind then prepares an easy-to-follow proposal. During the proposal presentation meeting, clients are encouraged to ask any and as many questions as they see fit. Our in-house educators make it easy to understand so everyone is a part of the solution we find together.


Our team is always eager to dream and create; but, we will work hard to take your project to the finish line. Building and doing is the next step, and we love that stage of the process.


MacroMind Media is dedicated to making online learning more accessible and more engaging for everyone. We pride ourselves on our ability to build enjoyable and effective digital learning media for almost any budget. Our custom built media and interactive tools come alive on the web-applications that we design to fit exactly within our clients' unique culture.


Each project is assigned its own Lead Engineer. We do this to ensure that all key Milestones are met. This stage of the process includes some prototyping activities for the client to see and experience the early, Alpha iterations of the project.


The right amount of time and user-simulation activities are dedicated to this step because our joint aim is to find potential areas of confusion and/or navigation bottlenecks. Once testing is complete, the likelihood of post-launch problems will be minimized.


Next up: Launch & Adopt. This is where the magic happens.


MacroMind Media is ultimately driven by the opportunity to see our digital learning experiences affect real, positive change for our clients' communities.


Our learning media are made "live" to our clients after they have approved the Alpha and Beta iterations. Once given the okay, MacroMind then executes the Live Launch Protocol set with the client. Everyone then eagerly monitors our administration dashboards for real-time usage analytics. For MacroMind, "launching" live, usable learning media for our clients is not the endgame. Our true aim is "adoption", which is achieved when the online learning opportunity has reached its full potential because real people are gaining real health benefits by using it.


Our cloud service achieves 99.9% up-time. In instances where end-users have technical problems they can not address themselves, MacroMind offers a fast "help ticket" service or a 1-800 support line. And, of course, we are always available to share success stories and high-five our clients anytime and anywhere they see fit.


MacroMind is committed to improving access to learning and to meeting the growing mental health challenges by providing access to help, any time, any where on any device. We'd be honoured to help your group, organization or community. Let's start with a Meet & Discover. Contact us and we can set that up anytime.


Our Team

Dr. Ryan Todd

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ryan Todd is a psychiatrist who has tailored his skills to working with athletes with mental illness. Alongside his clinical practice, he is continually designing media and online tools to educate and reduce stigma around mental illness; recently producing the award winning mental health documentary 'A Dark Room'.

Dr. Karen MacNeill

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Karen MacNeill is a sport and performance psychologist who helps Olympians, Leaders and Organizations execute in demanding, ever-changing contexts. She consults on the world stage, having mentally prepared Olympians to Gold Medal performances, and in the boardroom, helping executives lead with purpose and thrive. At MacroMind, she applies lessons learned from the world’s best athletes and business leaders to custom develop training programs that help leaders and employees build resilience, execute performance and improve levels of mental fitness.

Dr. Jordan DeCoste

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Jordan DeCoste is an educator, an entrepreneur and a technologist. His work in education has involved teaching, scholarship and founding eLearning companies, one of which now operates in the world's most competitive international education verticals. Jordan sees MacroMind Media as his greatest contribution to healthy learning and better living.

Azadeh Shirzadi

Instructional Designer

Azadeh has been teaching intermediate and senior high school biology students for 7 years. She has written Ontario curriculum, textbook chapters and led numerous government initiatives in secondary schools. She brings to MacroMind Media considerable experience in instructional design and creative resource development.

Lena He

Software Coordinator

Lena is a full stack web developer based in Toronto. She has a strong graphic design background and has worked with various clients on creating web apps and websites that bring a strong creative and strategic experience to the end user. Her passion is in transforming ideas into flawless UX/UI. At MacroMind Media, she bridges the gap between technology and visual communication.

Yuri Markarov

Lead Videographer

Yuri holds a unique position as a photographer and video producer in healthcare. His job leads him to work with renowned physicians, researchers and scientists. His passion is to create stories with and about talented people and shine a spotlight where attention is due.

Kameron Erker

Chief Financial Officer

Kameron is a Chartered Professional Accountant with a decade of experience in deal structuring, transaction support, and strategic financial operations. He has worked in many financial capacities, from small scale startups to supporting billion dollar transactions. Kameron’s ongoing drive is to create powerful online tools to take mental health into the digital world.

Steven Gramlich

Chief Marketing Officer

Steven Gramlich is a Media Strategy Supervisor based in Toronto. His expertise is in planning and implementing large scale media campaigns and has done so with international brands such as Red Bull, Canadian Tire, Subaru, and Manulife Financial. His passion for mental health education and his aptitude for creating excitement around new products has lead him to MacroMind Media.

Annelise Vogel

Social Media Coordinator

Annelise is MacroMind's Social Media Coordinator, who is currently studying Global Economics and Digital Arts at the University of Waterloo. With her passion for design, she works alongside our team to create unique visuals and multimedia that represent our company's mission and provide accessible content for our clients and our broader audience.


This quick video introduces you to some of our recent instructional design, creative and media production.

Our Clients

We have been fortunate to build excellent relationships with many forward-thinking companies, organizations and individuals. Below is a selection of our recent clients.

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